The Obssessed3

The admired rock/doom trio recently put their ink in Relapse Records! The wolves are lurking in the U.S. with Karma To Burn this summer, but the wind has already blown a whistle:a new release in September! They have been silent since 1994’s ‘The Church Within‘, but now we can clearly hear Scott Weinrich’s howling:

The time is now for rebirth of The Obsessed. Fueled with the anger, wisdom and energy of all things past, this monumental achievement is the culmination of many years of dogged determination and the belief in the music. This music that we and many others find healing and inspirational. At last it sees the light, uncompromising and laden with passion and intensity that we’ll immortalize on our new album. We’re happy to officially announce our signing with Relapse Records. They also believe in the music and are very understanding of our integrity, vision and aspirations. On tour right now in the USA, we are celebrating this experience with glorious sound. Join us on this golden road. Thanks to all who believe!’’

Get ready for doom/hard rock signed by the glorious band; it’s gonna be dusty and hazy and melodic and ritual and heavy! The guys let out a demo version of ‘Be The Night’ on May 26th, and when the summer is over they will release their new stuff.

Mike Dimitriou