The Mix Bag is a multi-genre playlist featuring 10 fresh, awesome tunes you should get involved with asap!

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis



The Meanderings – Hops  folk

Hans Isn’t Driving – I Didn’t Want to Know  indie electronic

Maple & Beech – Side-Eye  indie pop

Visions In Clouds – Show Me The Way (You Tried To Be Seen)  post-punk / new wave

Cecilia Bellissimo – No Starting Over  chamber pop / indie

From White To Gray – Paranoid  electro pop

Great Shapes – I-10  indie pop

GLNNA – Reasons (Acoustic)  contemporary r&b

Beffect – MKY  downtempo

Scotty Seed – Trephination  EDM / synthwave