The Mix Bag is a multi-genre playlist featuring 10 fresh, awesome tunes you should get involved with asap!

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis



Sour Ops – Now You’re Gone power pop

Josephmooon High In The Sky rock, blues

Lou Ridley Hometown country, indie pop

Belaver The Storm indie folk, singer-songwriter

Manny Loveankh Summer Girsl (Feat. Pupa Tee)  afrobeats, afro-pop

Megan and Shane Daughter of Country country, americana

Emperor Slow – I Ain’t Worried (Just Yet) cosmic americana

Dan Friedman Mountain Lion (Feat. Ryan McNamara) alternative rock

Leslie D. King & The Trembling Shakes  The Standard Dream retro soul, blues, americana

PMI Find My Mood progressive rock, alternative