Maybe I will start this press release with a short quote from the very knowledgeable Roque Ruiz:

The Memory Fades: Stephen Maughan from Kosmonaut, Denver and Bulldozer Crash has asked many friends to contribute in  this new project that has a new CDEP titled “She Loves the Birds” that has just been released by Sunday Records. On these four songs he has the help of Marc Elston from Bulldozer Crash, Chris Morgan from the Deddingtons, Graeme Elston of Love Parade and Jyoti Mishra from White Town!

But I don’t want to stop there as there is much more to Stephen Maughan, a true music fan and talent who is behind many lost gems. Yes he was in Kosmonaut, Bulldozer Crash and Denver and with those bands he has released music on almost every cool label you can think of, from: Elefant Records, Matinee Recordings, Firestation Records, Cloudberry Records, Motorway, Apricot Records, Sunday Records, Heaven Records, Bliss Aquamarine, Jigsaw Records, and others, to even being on the very first pop compilation on The Beautiful Music. He tells me that “he’s been making music in various bands since he was a teenager. His previous bands have had varying degrees of little or no success but he’s quite happy to consider himself just a never was.” I’m not very happy with the story ending like that, as Stephen deserves a lot more attention and credit, as has been behind some of the most beautiful songs in the world. If you don’t believe me, just listen to perfect pop songs like “Never Realized” or “Was It You?” or “Desert Song”. That’s not even mentioning the Kosmonaut album “Misfits On The Horizon”, with brilliant songs like “Debbie Harry’s Smile” (which was championed by Mickey Bradley of The Undertones fame & he knows his music), “Losing Friends”, “Winter Sun”, “Not So Clever Now”,“Silver Star” and more. So much more for you to discover!

I know this is all in the past, and I know what you are thinking, when are you going to get to the here and now, with this new release, but bear with me a few more minutes of rambling, as I just want to provide some context for my appreciation. There’s more to The Memory Fades, than meets the eye (or ear in this case). Stephen’s involvement in the indie pop scene goes back much further having been involved in a fanzine This Almighty Pop!, which was associated with the Dolphin 7 flexidisc label. He also ran a DiY label called This Almighty Pop! which had a string of excellent releases, even releasing an EP by one of my all time favourites, Phil Wilson of the June Brides fame. I could also go on and talk about his electropop side project on Alistair Fitchett’s “I Wish I Was Unpopular” sublabel and likely many other things I have yet to discover, but we will save that for another day as we need to travel back to today.

“She Loves the Birds” is the first e.p. by his new band The Memory Fades and he has enlisted the help of some friends including a few that’s he’s recorded with in the past. The title track starts off with some beautiful sing along, jangle pop with hints of the BMX Bandits, Teenage Fanclub, Superstar but still retaining the elements of Kosmonaut that is so loved. Sandra from the Golden Glades radio show, described their sound as bit of Trip / Super 8, but with bigger TVPs influence, and that is a great description for “Picture Of You”, which also has hints of The Direct Hits and maybe The Catalysts. “Am I Losing You?” brings back fond memories of the past Kosmonaut glory, with the most gorgeous fuzzy pop song you’ve likely ever heard. You will want to play this song very load and just let it’s warmth wrap around you. The final song “Mining For Diamonds” has more acoustic jangle and as he sings “my hearts yours to steal”, I certainly hope they have stolen your heart. And as humble as Stephen is he closes our short journey by saying “Hopefully you might like a song or two from it”. Well I like all 4 and what a wonderful start for a new chapter with The Memory Fades.