Last days of 2017 gave us a real gift, the second album of brilliant indie poppers The Luxembourg Signal ‘Blue Field‘, released on October 13th 2017, on Shelflife Records.

The Luxembourg Signal are Beth Arzy (vocals) Betsy Moyer (vocals) Ginny Pitchford (keyboards) Johnny Joyner (guitars, bass), Brian Espinosa (drums). Μembers of them, have been playing for years at indie pop mythical bands like Trembling Blue Stars & Aberdeen.

In 2014, their self-titled first album came out, attracting attention. Songs like ‘Wishing Pool‘, ‘Distant Drive‘ and ‘She Loves To Feel The Sun‘ created an excellent indie-pop bouquet with dream-pop-shoegaze elements.  Three years later, we are so happy to hear a new single-7”, ‘Laura Palmer‘ (‘Let’s Make   Plans‘ cover by Close Lobsters, at the b-side of single), a pilot for their 2nd album entitled ‘Blue Field‘; rhythmic, robust rhythm section, excellent guitar riffs, and with a noise-shoegaze refrain, ‘Laura Palmer‘ makes us understand why ‘Blue Field‘ is a great work.  The self-titled song is one of the highlights of the album. From the first notes you fly over euphoric indie-pop skies;  catchy and playful guitar riff and beautiful indie pop female vocals. ‘Atomic No. 10‘ and especially ‘Are you Numb?‘ are heavy with punch drums and groovy, compelling. ‘What You’re Asking For‘ is a peaceful track, with soft synths and calm vocals. ‘Antarctica‘ is my favourite song off this album. It starts with melodic bell-guitars that lead to an awesome minor refrain. Melancholic breathing vocals of Beth Arzy are just awesome, almost heartbreaking. Another highlight, another wonderful song: ‘There’s Nothing More Beautiful Than A Well-Made Machine‘ creeps evocative and reserves fantastic guitar parts at the middle of the song. With fragile vocals and guitar driven bittersweet melody/refrain, ‘Fall Feeling‘ is a typical Sarah Records‘ song. ‘Shipwreck‘ reminds the cloudy, sad parts of Sarah Records, while ‘Slow Delayed Heart‘ is a 2-minute ambient instrumental..

There are no basic differences between their two albums, but I can say than ‘Blue Field‘ shows evolution and progress, and is also a little bit “sunnier” and crystal clear like a cool spring morning.

“Wrapped” by the flawless, shiny and  thundering production, filled with songs full of hooks, light, and awesome melodies, ‘Blue Field‘ is an ideal example of  how a contemporary indie-pop album should sound. An album predestined to be loved from all Sarah Records’-Trembling Blue Stars’ fans.

Easily one of the best and most enjoyable albums of 2017, a real indie-pop gem!

Theodoros Rentesis