Wayne Coyne, Michael Ivins, Steven Drozd & Derek Brown have announced the follow-up to 2013’s ‘The Terror‘, titled ‘Oczy Mlody‘. It will be released on Wayne Coyne’s birthday (January 13th) through Warner Bros. Records as The Future Heart reports. The preview of the lead single ‘The Castle‘ leaves us with high expectations, since the dreamy, psych, sc-fi atmosphere is once again present, basic elements of this legendary band. Below, you can check out the artwork, and the tracklist of ‘Oczy Mlody‘.


01 Oczy Mlody
02 How??
03 There Should Be Unicorns
04 Sunrise (Eyes of the Young)
05 Nigdy Nie (Never No)
06 Galaxy I Sink
07 One Night While Hunting for Faeries and Witches and Wizards to Kill
08 Do Glowy
09 Listening to the Frogs With Demon Eyes
10 The Castle
11 Almost Home (Blisko Domu)
12 We a Famly

Christos Doukakis

Turning Vilolent‘  from ‘The Terror‘: