After almost 3 (loong) years of “silence” the mighty psychobilly – punk – garage – surf Athenian band, The Ducky Boyz, return for a live gig at PULP. Be there!





The Ducky Boyz is a psychobilly, surf-punk band originated in Athens – Greece, which first played in 2002. After (too) many live-parties and two demos, they released their first album “No Regrets” in 2005 with the precious help of the fully indipedent Greek label Blind Bastard Records.
After the world had know them better and with some changes in the members (they begun at 2002 as a four member band then they were a trio and then they changed their drummer), they brought out at 2008 a 7″ single with the name “Near Death Experience” again in Blind Bastard. This single was produced in Greece and in Germany by “Mad Dog Recordings” from Paul Fenech personally (yes, the all powerfull Meteors leader…).
They continued rocking the underground scene of Athens making concerts (with The Meteors, Mad Sin, The Last Drive, The Monofones). On 2009 they traveled to Instabul – Turkey for a live at the Dogz Star club and then in Switzerland for a mini 3-lives-tour in 4 days!
But the plan of releasing their second album brought too many problems to the band (a classical underground band disease you see) since they waited 2 years for this album (with all misunderstandigs with studios – labels etc. and having old songs waiting for release too), and with Blind Bastard no longer there for support, on spring 2010 they decided to break up since they thought the band was no longer going somewhere (and having breaking nerves instead of instruments to play on you see…).
This break up lasted almost a year because on 2011 they finally managed to release – on their own Label – the full second album named “Making it worse” on CD (with the valuable help of a CD maker in Athens) and so the band got together again. They inserted again a fourth member as a second guitarist and they had many lives again all over Athens and in many cities of Greece (playing together with The Hillibilly Moon Explosion, Demented Are Go and many others).
The band always wanted a vinyl release for “Making it worse” so on January 2013 with the valuable help and knowledge of Labyrinth Thougts records, they released “Making it worse” on vinyl with 3 extra unreleased tracks only for this cut (and leaving the covers of the CD out of this release).
The Ducky Boyz (as a standard four member band now) still rock the underground of Athens on curtain occasions and events…. cheers.

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