Coil lovers will be happy to know what was done by Important Records:

And this is the reissue of two masterpieces, ‘The Ape Of Naples‘ and ‘The New Backwards‘, both on vinyl and CD (there is a colored vinyl edition too). Additionally, there will be a single box for both albums, vinyl format. All these, expected to arrive July 29th.

We are talking about the last two works of this fantastic group and a small treasure to collectors since the original albums’ price is not accessible. Talking about the albums it should be remembered that they were produced after the death of John Balance, only by sleazy (Peter Christopherson) and in particular  with the cooperation, during the production phase of ‘The Ape Of Naples‘, of the legendary Trent Reznor. So a must of this summer will be to buy these pearls!

Antonio Cristofaro