We couldn’t find a better way to wish you Merry Christmas, by choosing 14 of the best festive tracks of 2018, after listening to a few tons of holiday music. So, 14 fresh tunes about the best time (for some of us at least!) of the year for your own pleasure!

Miss FD – ‘Krampus Song’

Maria Herz & Ron Starr – ‘Silent Night, Lonely Nights’

Cabbage – ‘Smells Like Christmas’

The Supernova – ‘When You Smile (It Feels Like Christmas)’

The Hannah Barberas – ‘Oh Santa Claus!’ 

Son of Dave – ‘Send Them Something Nice For Christmas’

Whyte Horses – ‘Next Year Will Be Mine’

The Greyhound Factory – ‘New Year’s Eve’

Pi Ja Ma – ‘Family’

Young Readers – ‘Silent Night’

Velvet Starlings – ‘It’s Christmas Time (Winter Paradise)’

Mama Ghost – ‘Christmas For You’

Sun Sap – ‘Santa, Are You My Real Dad?’

Cedar Sparks – ‘The Gathering Song’

handpicked by: Christos Doukakis