Two legendary bands that defined two strongly related, if not inseparable, genres: A.R. Kane (interview) & My Bloody Valentine; Dream pop & Shoegaze. Textures & Reverb that is textures\/reverb. In brief, this column will gather 10 present-day shoegaze/dream pop (and around) tracks you should experience and very much likely won’t find anywhere else on the web, at least as a whole! So, pick up your glide guitar and relish the wall of sound.

Shockpowder – ‘Feverdream’

Bolinas – ‘Bloom’ (Feat. Chelsea Rose)

Blushing Brydes – ‘Measuring Days’ – Single Version

Pine Barons – ‘ナイトクルージング / Night Cruising’

Sea Glass – ‘Queen of Hearts’ (Feat. Sucreblooms)


Matthew Bailey – ‘Diamonds’

Tidal Wave – ‘Sunbleached’

Joan & The Giants – ‘Slow Motion’

mlady – ‘Happier Alone, Fuck You’

Cathedral Bells – ‘Afterglow’

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis