Well, here I am in a place that I never wanted to be! What is this place? It’s a place on a mountain, near a big cliff. So, what am I doing here? I just lost a …bet! Yes, this is the reason that I’m here now! And do you want to know what the bet was? Well, the bet was that (according to my friends) I couldn’t take a photo at the edge of the cliff. Yes, I bet that I could, forgetting that I’m afraid of heights, (thank God I’m not too tall!)

And now, I have to walk just 20 meters to reach at the cliff, and take a photo. It may sound easy, but I’m still afraid. My half thoughts are “ok, go and take a photo” and my other thoughts are “don’t go there, you are going to fall!”

About 30 minutes have passed and I haven’t moved at all. My friends are waiting for me at the foothills to show them the photo. I guess that they are laughing at me now, thinking how I’m going to do it!

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me, I mean, many people would do it easily. But I can’t. Damn it, I can’t! I’m afraid of f@cking heights, why did I bet? What am I gonna do now?

But as the time passes fast, I decide to do it! Just like Nike said: “just do it”

So, I take a big breath, and walk towards the cliff! Yes, that’s what I did! (I’m a brave man, I didn’t know that!). but when I try to take a photo with my mobile phone, I …slide! How did this happen, I don’t know! Maybe it’s my bad luck that’s been following me since I was born.

And now I’m falling. Yes, in a few seconds I will be dead! Sadly, I always wanted a brave death, something that will make me proud! But falling off a cliff trying to take a photo it’s not that brave! Damn my luck!

I am watching the ground coming speedily toward me, I can see a little river between the trees, I can even notice some sheep (but cannot  see the shepherd!).

As I said before, I am very unlucky! I cannot even die! And that, because 30 meters before I crush into the ground and go to find my maker, everything stopped! Yes, everything stopped! It was just like someone has pushed the pause button! I could only move my head, my hands and my legs, but I couldn’t move my body. And I was standing still 30 meters over the ground!

I prayed to God for help, but he didn’t listen to me. I screamed for help, but the place was desert. I panic, it was my first time standing still in the air, I didn’t know what to do. But for the first time in my life, I am lucky! I saw a guy down in the ground dressed in black walking towards me. He was reading (as he walks) a book. I scream at him for help: “hey mister, I need your help”.  The black dressed guy looks around himself and couldn’t see no one. He continued walking. I cried out louder: ”I’m over heeeeere!!”

The man raises his head, and saw me! He looked very frightened (I understood him a lot!!) and he put on his spectacles to see me more clearly. When he saw me, he started yelling: “oh God it’s you, oh God it’s you!!”

I felt surprise for a moment, I didn’t see that coming! “no, no, I’m not God, I’m just a normal person” I said. But the black dressed guy wasn’t listening! He knelt down, and started praying! I told him again that I was just an ordinary guy, but the black dressed man wasn’t listening. He raised his head and told me “tell me God, what do you want from me? I was an honest man all my life, I spread your Word to people. Is this my time to leave?”

“No, I need you to do me a favor and call some people to come over here” I said to him. But the black dressed man had a hearing problem! “you want me to tell people about this miracle!!” he said!

“No, no, you didn’t get it. Just call some people here to help me” I said to him. But before  finishing my phrase the black dressed man had run away! And I was left alone standing in the air!

After a few minutes, I saw the black dressed man approaching me! He wasn’t alone, there were about 20 people with him! “thank you God, I’m saved” I said

When they finally came close to me, all the people knelt, and started praying! The black dressed man told them that I’m God, and there was a miracle happening right now!  I tried to tell them that I needed help, but my voice was hoarse because of my screaming.

Then, they all told me “thank you God” and …left!  They didn’t even ask me if I needed anything! How could they do it? They believed that I’m God, and just left?? Not even asked me for a favor? Money, or health, or anything? What kind of God am I? Even my flock doesn’t respect me! I just saw them leaving. I saw myself standing still on the air. I knew that I have lost the bet, but who cares now about the bet? I’m dead, without being dead! This could happen only to me.

I felt my eyes closing, I saw the darkness around me.  I just said to myself “finally I die!”

My friends got worried because I was missing for long, and they started searching for me. They found me. They found me dead 20 meters before the cliff!!

 (this story is absolutely real)

Story by: Konstantinos Pamfiliss

Illustration: Sofia Kyrisoglou