This one is for trained and dedicated souls in darkwave…Tearful Moon is a duo from Houston/Texas (Manuel Lozano, Sky Lesco) and ‘In The Dark Morning’ is their first long play via Wave Records. It is all born in darkness and arranged through synths and waves, in minimal melodies and pale, obscured soundscapes that many of us in the genre find our comfort in. Ten songs, including January’s ‘Lust Spell’ digital single, that offer the auditor, the usual beloved paleness accompanied by spells, curses and dark erotic poems lyrics-wise, along with the expected gothic hallucinations (or will?) and a little considerate scent of necrophilia (or damnation?). Extremely melodic with a pale heartbeat, consisting spoken word on dark ambient, where the musicians have been shaping their art.

Tearful Moon are so talented in that craft that can nail you in the sofa quite easily, offering few gems like ‘The Stars Have Fallen And Died’ an anthemic synthwave, darkened faitytale with a beautiful melody on vocals. ‘Anxiety’, love is damned when perdition is unquestionable in life, when actually is put on a groovy, pale darkwave rhythm that moved my nape. ‘Rain Of Sorrow’, uptempo curse to dance to cause…these tears are ancient. ‘Be Reborn’, my song of the LP. a mid-tempo rattle nightmare that pushed me away from the computer, standing up and almost dancing to it. Among the interesting aspects found in their music is the vocal deal. Manuel is like preaching when singing, while Sky is more emotional but pale on the other hand. ‘In The Dark Morning’ will find appreciation…alone. Only the darkwave fans  will promote and suggest it, and it is up to the circle to make it what it really is, a gem…claustrophobic, pale, dark with great melodies and two musicians that are aiming directly to the heart, the old school one. I enjoyed the listening and found some songs to put in my playlist, but it will invite me again for a third or fourth “conversation” again in time…I feel it, I am sure!

Mike Dimitriou