When I discovered Tarasque, they had released one song called ‘Staub Und Zeit‘ from their (then) forthcoming debut EP. It immediately caught my attention, as it is a filthy blackened sludge track, and waited patiently for the official release of the complete EP ‘Innen Aussen‘.

Looking up for more information about the band, initially I searched the name. Tarasque is a band from Münster, Germany, but the name probably comes from a mythical creature found in Provence in Southern France. Tarasque was a dragon which took over and destroyed the place and if it is true that the band borrowed its name from this creature, then we can immediately make the connection with the powerful music.

Tarasque’s sound combines heavy post-metal with sludge/doom riffs, harsh vocals and drops of blackgaze at some point, creating a peculiar blackened and grooving atmosphere. The element of sludge here is more despairing, the instruments break like hammer on the wall and the vocals emphasize the climax of the dark and dirty overall sound.

The members of Tarasque are Gerrit (vocals, guitar), Martin (bass) and Hanno (drums), who come from the bands Unrest, Forced To Decay and Horseman. They released their first EP ‘Innen Aussen‘ on April 13th which consists of 5 tracks and you can enjoy it on their official YouTube and Bandcamp page.

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Mary Kalaitzidou