Sarah Records in 2018?

North Greece gives the answer!

Ta Toy Boy, coming from Thessaloniki, is a project by George Begas (also frontman from electro pop group Liebe and Five Star Hotel) and Elias Smilos (Mary’s flower Superhead).

George on vocals, songwriting, organ, and Elias on guitars and backing vocals, create warm sentimental indie pop; pure, influenced from legendary Sarah and Creation Records.

The instrumental Fresh Kiss‘ opens the album in an amazing way; a dynamic and rhythmic start with indie pop guitars and synths, a song that could be in one of the albums of the legendary The Field MiceThe self-titled song and first single runs harmoniously and presents a synth-driven marvelous refrain. ‘Day After Tomorrow‘ is an awesome melancholic mid-tempo song, ideal for lonesome autumn nights. Fast tempo ‘Fields Of Summer‘ with its synth riff and characteristic indie pop guitars, reminds me of early Belle & Sebastian‘s legendary times of The Boy With The Arab Strap album. The second single, ‘Blue Blood, is dark and atmospheric, and brings to memory early indie pop Greek scene, and the darker moments of Sarah Records. Instrumental Aphrodite In Venus’ follows electro-disco paths, while ‘Sunday Afternoon‘ is an up-tempo indie pop, excellent and atmospheric. Lost In The Light closes the album almost heavenly, bringing memories of From The Start‘, a heartbreaking masterpiece from the second Liebe’s album ‘Airport‘: A slow-tempo, harmonious and atmospheric song, full of nostalgia and sweet melancholy.

Simple and beautiful, pure and bittersweet, melancholic yet shiny, nostalgic and emotive, ‘This Town‘ is an album that makes the “directors” of Sarah Records proud.

On repeat again & again!!

Theodoros Rentesis