SynthCity is a column, that will feature 5 recent electronic gems, that belong to synthwave, retrowave, darksynth, dreamwave or even vaporwave genres. Get prepared for a space-time journey, and for better results, unbury your rusty AMIGA-500 or AKAI from the cellar…. Press play on tape!

Artist: Alex Nauva

Track: V H S

Press Quotes: With his new single ‘V H S’ Alex Nauva dives deep in his love for synthwave forging nostalgic synthesizer harmonies inspired by TV static.


Artist: Justine Forever

Track: Le revenant

Press Quotes: ‘Le Revenant’ opens like a trap door to a secret world. Announced by a powerful kick/bass combination, Justine Forever’s voice acts as an iron hand clad in a velvet glove. This synth pop song suffused with dark and minimal modernity sublimates the poem of Baudelaire.


Artist: Stereo Choir

Track: Time to Leave

Press Quotes: Synthwave meets film music… Inspired by “Tenet” flick.


Artist: Maui Vice

Track: Bubbles & Troubles

Press Quotes: Soundtrack to the long-lost sister series of Miami Vice, based in Maui, Hawaii.


Artist: LevinStream

Track: Spellbound

Press Quotes: This track is about being utterly entranced by someone or something that you don’t understand. You are drawn to it inexplicably, and you don’t even really understand why, you just know you need to be closer to it, to understand it. It aims to toggle between the ecstasy of discovery and the mystery and foreboding of the unknown.

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis