SynthCity is a column, that will feature 5 recent electronic gems, that belong to synthwave, retrowave, darksynth, dreamwave or even vaporwave genres. Get prepared for a space-time journey, and for better results, unbury your rusty AMIGA-500 or AKAI from the cellar…. Press play on tape!

Artist: Color Theory

Track: Crystal

Press Quotes: Color Theory’s ‘Crystal’ is a synth-pop/synthwave blend at its finest, unleashing tons of optimism with its gentle vocals and alluring synths… A must listen for fans of early-era Depeche Mode…


Artist: Felix Kay

Track: Spectre

Press Quotes: Canadian Producer Felix Kay’s ‘Spectre’ is a highly energetic synthwave treat with spooky vibes, and a spine-chilling a la “Stranger Things” atmosphere…


Artist: Bad Proxy & Social Kid

Track: Break Away

Press Quotes: ‘Break Away’ is the recent collaborative release by Bad Proxy & Social Kid, a super dynamic cyperbunk/dark synth banger, which according to its creators “represents a chapter in the proxyverse which follows a dystopian storyline in which social kid helps an AI escape imminent death.” Merciless!  


Artist: ^L_
Track: LONER

Press Quotes: Welcome to the dystopian future with Brazilian producer and sound artist Luis Fernando’s music vehicle, ^L_, and the stunning ‘LONER’ a genre-bending blend of EBM, cold wave, dark wave, cyberpunk culture and acid techno!


Artist: Tampa

Track: Night Before

Press Quotes: Time to chill out just before the end, with Australian Tampa’s alluring treasure ‘Night Before’, a vaporwave ear-candy that will ease any tension & calm your soul…

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis