Supersonic Rainbow playlist series aims to present 10 present-day songs, that will bring “sunshine to your ears”!

Artist: H+

Track: Formless Substance

Genre: jungle/drum n’ bass

Rating: 8.5/10

Artist: Quiet Sonia

Track: In My Arms Many Flowers

Genre: indie rock/post rock

Rating: 9/10

Artist: Price Tag

Track: Just Another Dollar

Genre: indie electronic/indie rock

Rating: 8/10

Artist: Alba Rose

Track: Mountains

Genre: indie pop/soul

Rating: 8/10

Artist: Grand Eugène

Track: Moments

Genre: dream pop/indie pop

Rating: 8/10

Artist: Damien Baby

Track: Bruxist Grin

Genre: indie pop/twee

Rating: 9/10

Artist: Floyd Thursby

Track: The Fuller’s Field

Genre: indietronica/folktronica

Rating: 10/10

Artist: Wizard Death

Track: intro

Genre: idm/downtempo

Rating: 8.5/10


Track: Disco Girls

Genre: indie electronic/chillwave

Rating: 8/10

Artist: Janice Jo Lee

Track: Here I Am

Genre: neo soul

Rating: 7.5/10

Christos Doukakis