Just when you thought experimental metal-industrial couldn’t get any more unique, current heavyweights have decided to join forces ‘Super Friends’-style to create the sui generis of ‘Kingscorpse‘, the first single from the newly formed Sightless Pit. The trio is comprised of Lingua Ignota (aka Kristin Hayter), the Body’s Lee Buford, and Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker.

Lingua Ignota has described the announcement as “a departure and nook for each of us.” She was also – according to her Instagram post – mainly responsible for the March King aka John Phillip Sousa sample in ‘Kingcorpse‘. Sightless Pit’s first LP will be entitled ‘Grave of a Dog‘ and marks the third collaboration between the Body and Full of Hell (2017’s ‘Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light‘ and 2016’s ‘One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache‘). Walker describes the LP as being “about the anonymity of struggle, the darkness of a lifetime wasted warring against nature, god and everything else, only to be defeated… nothing… the end.”

You can find the entire full-length out February 21st via Thrill Jockey. Check out ‘Kingscorpse‘ below, along with the ‘Grave of a Dog‘ track-listing and cover art.


Grave of a Dog‘ track-list:

1. Kingscorpse

2. Immersion Dispersal

3. The Ocean of Mercy

4. Violent Rain

5. Drunk on Marrow

6. Miles of Chain

7. Whom the Devil Long Sought to Strangle

8. Love Is Dead, All Love Is Dead

Sarah Medeiros