Compiled by: John Leva, Fabrizio Lusso & Godfery MacKrell

The Police – ‘Bring On The Night’

 I couldn’t spend another hour of daylight.

10cc –  ‘Dreadlock Holiday’

I don’t like reggae no no I love it.

Patti Smith – ‘Redondo Beach’

Down by the ocean, it was so dismal’.

Keziah Jones – ‘Rhythm Is Love’

Heaven is just another world for the feelin called Musical’.

The Stranglers – ‘Midnight Summer Dream’

After midnight we sat up half the night Or maybe more’.

John Leva


The Undertones – ‘Here Comes The Summer’

I have to admit it, I hate summer.

For an old goth /new waver like me every year is a real ‘tour de force’, almost like to be imprisoned at Guantanamo; the sun, the heat, the sweat, the tan, the bright coloured clothes, the naked skin, the extrovert behaviours, the loathed flip-flops are for me the worst instruments of torture.

I’m lucky (not too sure about this though) to live in a sunny touristic town by the sea, it’s going to be a long ‘Long Hot Summer’.

The Style Council – ‘Long Hot Summer’

First my girlfriend, then my friends, I can’t escape, my fate is sealed.

Wake up early in the morning, backpacked, beach umbrella in hand, bicycle; it’s a long hard way to go…

When I was younger I used to hold on with my usual black dress code and boots, but now I’ve sold my soul to a bloody pair of sandals and a white shirt.

After an hour across the pinewood, we’ve finally reached the ‘torture chamber’ where my endurance test starts: I immediately spritz my body of mega high protection sunscreen and hide myself deep in the shade with my best friend the earphones, because this place has to be like ‘Rockaway Beach’.

Ramones – ‘Rockaway Beach’

All around me people are beginning to bake and their lobstered bodies are lying on the sand as the sun beats down.

I’m feeling so uncomfortable as endless boring card games are waiting for me, but fortunately l do fuckin’ love water and swimming,  I’d remain relaxed in dead-man style position on the water all day long, feeling safe in my ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’.

The Orb – ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’

On the way back, tired as if I just run the New York marathon, I console myself thinking about the pints of beer I am going to drink in the evening under the fresh pine trees.

But one thing I’ve not considered ‘When the Sun Goes Down’, the mosquitos will start their mass slaughter and I’ll be an easy target …

Arctic Monkeys – ‘When the Sun Goes Down’

How hard is summer life by the sea!

Fabrizio Lusso

Here are five songs. Pieces I have known since they were released; yes, even in the case of ‘Lazy Sunday’. But when I thought a few days ago about five tracks for the summer, at first my mind went to heavier, impressive rock classics. Then I realised that neither this summer nor the mood of society, my circle of friends or my family would really be reflected by such a choice. What we actually desire is something lighter. (Though I’m sure many of you, and I fully endorse your tastes, require more full-blooded portions.) In the end, I believe that I chose for me, myself and I; trying to lighten the atmosphere and become more holiday orientated. 

Small Faces – ‘Lazy Sunday’

Concerning the choices, ‘Lazy Sunday’ is one of those cheeky, chirpy songs which ooze that special weekend relaxed feeling, and by default, take us straight to summer, and neighbourhood chilling out.

Jethro Tull – ‘Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day’

Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day’ is an old favourite with a valuable message, as do so many of Ian Anderson’s songs. Despite the serious message, the music is uplifting and I have found that it is one of those tunes that really stick with you.

Livan – ‘Life Is Smiling’

Life Is Smiling’ is chosen due to its positive statement, light and (I must confess) slightly retro-style. Lack of knowledge (not complete but rather limited) of further, or even previous material, means I am unable to comment further.

Kid Loco – ‘Here Come the Munchies’

Here Come the Munchies’ was a piece I loved and laughed at; simple and lighter than some of his other substance-weighted offerings. It is unique in being one of his songs I can remember.

The Driven – Hate The Disco

Last but not least, ‘Hate the Disco’ comes in to add a taste of rock. Clubs and discos are part of summer, naturally, but this honest take of what most males feel at some time in their teens sums up basic thoughts beautifully and provides something closer to what we would prefer to hear. I assume the NME were similarly impressed. (See lyrics)

Enjoy your summer, whatever you do and listen to!

Godfrey MacKrell