Fijifilm X100s

Compiled by: Gordana Georgijevic, Makis Gevros & Thomas Gounaropoulos


Tarja Turunen – ‘Innocence’

Another amazing masterpiece by the “Queen of Symphonic metal”, with strong guitar riffs, amazing operatic vocals and beautiful piano, Tarja Turunen announces upcoming album ‘The Shadow Self’ which will be out August 5th, so I am really looking forward to this! She released a prequel to this album ‘The Brightest Void’ in June 2016.

Demether – ‘Two Roses’

This is the single that announces Demether’s new album. With strong drums, powerful guitar sound, their very familiar vocals, amazing soprano Dunja Deuric and piano played by the composer, lyric writer and front-man of the band Damjan Deuric you will be blown away with the beauty of the symphony they created and the story that this song is carrying.

Eleine – ‘Break Take Live’

This is amazing new song by Swedish symphonic metal band Eleine. With this song and video they present their worst fear: “Not living life to the fullest!”

I cannot decide which one is more awesome: the song or the video? You decide!

Constraint – ‘Enlightened By The Darkness’

The first video of their first album and I love it! Besides the music, I was blown away by the beauty of the vocals of the lovely soprano Beatrice Bini.

Constraint are a young Italian symphonic/gothic metal band and I can surely tell that they will have a bright future in their music career.

MoonSun – ‘True Colors (Zedd Cover)’

This acoustic duo is creating pure magic! I choose this song to write about, because I am in love with it! I have listened to it about a thousand times and I still love it so much. Apart from the covers they have done simply because they want to make their favorite songs in their style, MoonSun have two albums behind them and I recommend you with all my heart to listen to and support them.

Gordana Georgijevic


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – ‘Symphony No. 25 In G Minor’

This is the best moment for me to share a story with you. Surely, this could be an ordinary narration, but the places, the people and the experiences or even the images we have gathered throughout our lives, may get you to relax, to dream and mould with much ease the world as I had imagined it (or, maybe, even experienced it) at that time. It is a fairytale or a truth covered in pitches of imagination.

Jean-François Maurice – ‘Monaco 28° à L’Ombre’

It was the time of the growth, the revelation, the composition of the authentic music that was still communicating with the romantic souls of people. Crashed by the feelings that music was rousing in me, I stumbled upon two songs being composed the one two days after the other, and with the discovery of the composer and the songs my joy became whole with an invitation to the local gallery, a place like a mansion, only smaller. It was an outrageous and random discovery of a fifteen-year old composer, yet unknown to our circles. At a small concert and under the sounds of that ‘Symphony No. 25 In G Minor’, and while my gaze met sluggishly eyes that I had seen before, flesh that I had experienced in the past and smiles full of promises, my eyes got fixed on her white hands that so gracefully caressed the tulles of her dress and the white flesh of her bosom. I closed my eyes and I let the music snatch me away from my conceivable existence and in a world spiritual where, like a shadow, I walked behind her and like a wolf I began to sniff my prey. I felt her taste in my mouth. I already imagined her in my bed. And as I watched the music’s tension get higher, her hands wouldn’t let go of the chair’s arms. She gripped them tighter and tighter. Soon the song came to an end, the crowd left and I didn’t have the chance to get to know her. This experience soon weakened me. I had no strength to walk; it took a great effort to hold on to my cane. Was she the reason why?

Beautiful books and beautiful stories, I would say, come to a fast and easy ending. Her memory was imprinted in me. I didn’t even know her voice it was crazy, and yet I searched for her behind every lyric and every song. France. A small bar close to Riviera named ‘La veritas d’ Amour’. A jukebox. I chose Jean-François Maurice and with the song ‘Monaco 28° à L’Ombre’ my thirst in me woke up again. Beautiful people were smiling, they were having a good time, they enjoyed their drinks, and they were falling in love. That torture couldn’t go on anymore. After some indifferent songs and some warm drinks, through the cigarette smoke, she appeared once again. I still remember the way the song matched her sensual entrance, that gaze that nettled my presence, Jane Birkin with ‘Jane B.’. The song fitted so much. It combined a century of musical composition and it came to remind me that Chopin could become sensual with the sounds of this French pop if the name wasn’t Serge Gainsbourg.

Jane Birkin – ‘Jane B.’

Joe Dassin – ‘Et Si Tu N’Existais Pas’ 

I still remember the void, drums thumping and a dry bass for the start, glasses were clinging; you could hear people sucking their cigarettes, gazes piercing hearts. A little bit before the chorus I was already dancing with her and along with the singer I crooned ‘Te si tu n’ existais pas/ Dis-moi pou qui j’ existerais/ Des passantes endormies dans mes bras’. The violins were shooting our existence to other universes, I felt being one with her, and we were kissing, touching each other inside the small room of the yacht. She whispered to me that she had passed through darkness and suns that burn with a memory, most of the times dried up of life, in order to find me. I wasn’t able to say anything. Soon, we fell asleep. And while the sun came up, I’m still sure that the angels began flirting with the devils producing those sounds, and we, blind and holding hands, felt sure that one day we would tell our own ‘Historia De Un Amor’.

We soon developed speed and left for Saint Tropez. Love and our thirst for blood were calling us.

Eydie Gorme Y Los Panchos – ‘Historia De Un Amor’ 

Makis Gevros

Kreidler – ‘Impressions d’Afrique’

A summer war track with an alarming tribal beat that sends a ‘be prepared’ signal. A great opener for every promising set frequently used by African emperor DJs to set the tempo for the rest of the night.

The Skolars – ‘Something (Should Be Done)’

This mesmerizing little diamond comes from Australia and apart from the nostalgic lyrics (‘once I was young look what’s happened now’) the ‘unfamiliar’ sax solo is bound to excite the ears of every boy who won’t give up dreaming.

Maserati – ‘Pyramid Of The Sun’

A perfect blend of kraut, electronic and rock music. Motor beat doing its job right supporting guitar delayed reverberations while the sequencer provides trippy arpeggios. Don’t try to drive along with this stuff; chances are you’ll be going orbital in no time.

Colonel Abrams – ‘Trapped (Boards Of Canada Rework)’

Take an early disco house track, lower the bpm, infuse it with weird tape delay effects and there you have it, from the ‘experts in the game’, an experimental remix that can now last through time.

Fenin feat. Gorbi: ‘None Of Them’

I am very fond of this track because I don’t like dub..oh no.. I love it…don’t you walk through Fenin you gotta show some respect!

Thomas Gounaropoulos