Compiled by: Michael Barnett, Antonio Cristofaro & Drew Dickinson


Krusseldorf – ‘South Of The Sky Temple’

Krusseldorf is a lesser known side-project of Simon Heath, owner of Cryo Chamber Label and mastermind behind Atrium Carceri and Sabled Sun. Krusseldorf is Simon’s lighter side, his output is more suitable to the daytime hours. ‘South Of The Sky Temple’ is the perfect track to blast in the background on the beach or at the family barbeque without making them all ask if you have taken your meds today!

Lana Del Rey – ‘West Coast’

Lana Del Rey is the brightest example of a tortured soul. Her music always brings a bit of playfulness and a ton of artistic talent to the picnic table. ‘West Coast’ is the perfect summer anthem for those of us who hate anthems! It’s a cool and relaxing track with just the right dose of edginess to keep it interesting.

Subheim – ‘Red Ridge’

Subheim are masters of music that falls somewhere between dark ambient and a club jam. This track ‘Red Ridge’ from their latest album ‘Foray’ is best played late on a hot mid-summer evening downtown. Crank this whole album and fall into their fantasy world of dank alleyways, smoggy sunsets, and flickering old neon signs.

Barry Adamson – ‘Hollywood Sunset’

Hollywood Sunset’ is probably the most moving track on the Lost Highway OST from way back in the late ’90s. Barry Adamson perfectly captures that image of a nightmarishly alluring cityscape which David Lynch used as his backdrop to the twisted tale that is Lost Highway. For the last 15 years this track has been one of my favorites when rolling down the windows and solo-cruising through the hot humid summer night.

Lydia – ‘When It Gets Dark Out’

Lydia are as likely to drop a depressing ballad as they are to light up your evening with cool and uplifting vibes. ‘When It Gets Dark Out’ is a gem off their latest album ‘Run Wild’ which falls into the latter category. This track exhilarates me every time I hear it and I often can’t help just putting it on repeat a few times, and really, what says ‘summer tune’ more than hitting repeat and cranking the volume?

Michael Barnett

Genocide Organ – ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’ 

New album for Genocide Organ and a new experience.

The track ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’ represents maybe one of the top songs in this album. A new album based on “protesta” and in this track we find the Genocide Organ message. The rage; the rage against the historical period, painted by power electronics sound.

Even if the power of the sound is very different than the previous albums, the new album gives us great feelings.

Sutcliffe Jugend – ‘Howl’

We don’t need words to introduce Sutcliffe Jugend. Legendary in industrial music, on stage again with a new album, a great album in which the wall of sound puts us in front of a great experience.

Considering the age of Kevin and Paul, we are faced with a masterpiece. ‘Howl’ is a song with brutal and penetrating sound that will give us strength for this summer.

In Death It Ends – ‘Black Temple Ray’

What about this group. It always amazes me and this year they gave us new sounds to get lost in. The song of choice is ‘Black Temple Ray’: a hypnotic and dark journey, in which time is canceled and dreams come in different sizes. To listen on repeat.

Kerridge – ‘FLA·6’

When I heard Samuel for the first time, I was shocked. And every time I listen I appreciate more and more. With ‘Fatal Light Attraction’, we find a more mature Samuel. His sound (which often reminds us of the Pan Sonic) is fantastic. Between techno and noise, we propose ‘FLA·6’. From raw sounds (reminiscent of the good Marco Corbelli) to harmful impulses, it will revive our afternoons in the sun.

Fennesz – ‘Mahler Remixed 1’

A song you should definitely listen to this summer is this fantastic journey of Fennesz. This wonderful live track (‘Mahler Remixed 1’) is the definite summer song. To listen strictly at sunset!

Antonio Cristofaro

Tesla Boy – ‘Spirit Of The Night’

This song just gets me moving, it’s incredibly uplifting, and makes even the dullest day an exciting one. The whole ‘The Tesla Boy EP’ is gold.

Timecop1983 – ‘City Lights’

If you’re feeling nostalgic on a summer day, turn this on and go for a drive. The eighties-era influence and a summer evening is the perfect combination.

It’s hard to pick one Timecop1983 song, their entire discography is filled with songs perfect for a summer day.

Elomaticmill – ‘Slow’ 

An absolutely carefree breezy summer day song. It provokes strong feelings of sitting on a rooftop and drinking with friends.

Luxar – ‘Eternal’

This is the ultimate summer night driving song. Super chill and soulful. Put your windows down and take your car past an ocean boardwalk if you’re lucky enough to be within driving distance.

M83 – Teen Angst 

There is probably no other song that gets me pushing the speed limit on my car. If you need to be pumped up before hitting the city nightlife in July, this is your song.

Drew Dickinson