Compiled by: Justin Abate, Yiannis Apostolopoulos & Julie Aras


Acronym – ‘Realisation’

For when I need to stay awake at 4AM.

DeepChord Presents Echospace ‎- “Lisbon”

For when I drive long distances.

Oleg Buloshkin – ‘Sacrament’

For when I need to be reminded of the beauty of the ANS synthesizer.

Альянс – ‘На Заре’

For when I want to cry. “Night, sorrow and the brilliance of the soul.”

Silver Jews – ‘Trains Across The Sea’

For when I want to delete everything and move to Northern Idaho. “Sin and gravity drag me down to sleep to dream of trains across the sea.

 Justin Abate

Luciferian Light Orchestra – ‘Dante And Diabaulus’

Summer time holidays are ideal for spending fancy situations and the occult rock band Luciferian Light Orchestra is perfect for such ones. Their sexy groovy tunes transpire sin and lust and they can be the absolute soundtrack for hot summer nights.

PHASE REVERSE – ‘Downfall’ 

The Greek southern metal band PHASE REVERSE are getting ready for some live appearances next autumn. They will start gigging around Greece but their goal is a tour around Europe in order to present their latest album ‘Phase III: Youniverse’ which has already received some very positive reviews. Well, to be honest we can’t wait to see them (a)live and kicking!

SiXforNinE – ‘Out Of Line’

SiXforNinE is an alternative rock-metal band from Athens Greece and when they released their debut album they left some very good impressions and expectations for the future. Now they seem like getting closer to the release of their second album and they offered us a glimpse when they were in London where they recorded live two songs for the RedBull See.Hear.Now series at Belcraft Studios. We’ re looking forward to listen their new work!

Black Pistol Fire – ‘Trigger On My Fire’

If you’ re not aware about Black Pistol Fire yet it’s about time you got to know them. Last spring the Austin based duo from Canada released their fourth album ‘Don’t Wake The Riot’ and they shook our heads and bodies again with their groovy dirty blues rhythms. Check them out and you won’t regret it. Here is a video from their debut eponymous album.

Drunk Jackals – ‘Seven Souls’

The desert rock ‘n’ roll band from Corinth Greece Drunk Jackals recently released their first EP ‘Seven Souls’ proving that a great rock scene is emerging in this Greek town. ‘Seven souls’ is uploaded on Youtube. Enjoy it!

 Yiannis Apostolopoulos

HIGH&DRYs – ‘Summer Awaits Me’

Mister Nenad DJORDJEVIC is Mister HIGH&DRYs. If you do not know his work, this is an amazing track from one of his album called ‘Lowest Fidelity Demos’ which is a pleasure for our heart and soul. Enjoy.

François Sky – ‘Une Nuit Ordinaire (w/ Beth Rettig & Adrian Bang)

This is a great track with Beth Rettig and Adrian Bang. Perfect for summer evenings, in order to be carried away by the floating atmosphere. On stage with Lola Colt this autumn.

Mellow Lizard – ‘Blue (alt.version)’

Mellow Lizard or Mister Thodoris Tabakakis from Greece.  Heart-stopper ! Powerful voice. Powerful music. Everything is amazing. And now close your eyes and listen to it. This track is like a lullaby for the spirit….

Allah-Las – ‘Famous Phone Figure’

Their next album pending (out in September) we can listen to this track on repeat. They are always themselves for our pleasure and this is why we love them so.

Dead Horse One – ‘Season Of Mist’

In October they are to release their new album and we’re looking forward to discovering this sound which we indulge in so much. In the meantime, here is the track wearing the same name as the album. Can’t wait!


Julie Aras