Are you a cover hunter? How exciting do you find covers to be— especially if the combination of artist and song is an intriguing one? FYI, I am thinking Shutner and ‘Common People’ here. And where do you stand on vinyl really? I think you need to read on.

A mighty interesting Kickstarter campaign has recently been launched by the creators of Turntable Kitchen. The URL found below will take you to ‘Sounds Delicious’, i.e.  a monthly vinyl subscription service that delivers full-length, limited edition cover albums in 12” vinyl records, each one featuring one of your favorite indie artists covering an album of their choice in its entirety.

Each record will include a digital download of the album so, in case you do not own a record player, you really do not need to buy one. These records will definitely become valuable parts of your vinyl collection!

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Debbie Maliotaki