Finnish melodic metal titans, Sonata Arctica, are about to release their new studio album called ‘The Ninth Hour‘ on October 7th through Nuclear Blast. The band has also released the music video for the brand-new song ‘Life‘. Watch the clip directed by Ville Juurikkala here:

The singer Tony Kakko stated the following: “I tried desperately to have at least one positive, uplifting song on this album and maybe this is it. I always struggle writing positive lyrics, that’s the thing. We’ve been called “happy metal” many times because of the melodies and so on, but lyrics are usually something that do not walk the sunny side of the road. They contrast the music. ‘Life’ anyway, is telling people to find good things in life, find the things hurting and causing harm and replacing them with positive things with help of friends. Go out and be together with people, share experiences, live. I know it’s a dumb thing to say, but life is better alive”.

Mary Kalaitzidou