Six Curses Of The Blackout Witchcave‘ is a sleazy, bio-mechanical beast, brutal and ecstatic. This EP is a compilation of six online singles released by San Francisco band The Tunnel over 12 months roughly spanning 2016. Each was bashed out and recorded entirely direct by the stripped-down duo of Sam Black (bass, electronics) and Jeff Wagner (voice, guitars). The trashy, Queenadreena-esque on/off bursts here are a deliberate departure from the organic, roomy ambience of The Tunnel’s previous record, ‘Apparition Overdrive‘. Drum sounds were handmade using a castoff Moog Rogue and Akai MPC sequencer. The tight, primitive rhythms sound like a thicker version of The Normal or Big Black, punching through alien flesh and relentless vocals. Black and Wagner played several 2016 shows with their cranky machine pounding through a dedicated PA + subwoofer, but since mid-2016 they have been joined on stage by excellent human drummer Michael Jacobs (pOrch).