Scott Walker is among the most important and influential musicians of the last 40 years. He started in the mid-‘60s with The Walker Brothers and later evolved into avant-garde music, making numerous releases as a musician, songwriter, singer and producer. On August 19th, his soundtrack on Bradley Corbet’s film ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’, will be out via 4AD and available also on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. The film is about the rise of fascism in 20th century Europe, during the formative years of a boy, and set on the 1919 backdrop in Paris Peace Conference that led to the Treaty of Versailles.

Fascism has been sired in Europe for years and is nowadays having a revival due to political failures on society and the raging capitalistic fraud that artists in the continent are aware of and opposed to. Since politicians are playing their own game, the Arts are responsible for the social awakening to freedom against oppression, reminding of Europe’s most vicious period, and how it all ended…

Mike Dmitriou