Sanne de Neige comes from Vaxjo in Sweden and sings her lyrics based on her brother’s music, Anton de Neige. They make a very strong duo together and it seems that they are well educated in music, since they mix together melancholic lyrics over touching melodies on a cold wave plain. Anton de Neige creates his nicely set musical universe, using synthesizers (Korgs-ms10, ms20, microKORG), guitars and basses, whilst Sanne de Neige sings her lyrics upon the music. She has a very well trained voice, artistically reinforced by her thoughts and stories to tell, like a forest spirit… melancholic and romantic lyrics interchange with stories and emotions in a snowy, cold nature…that every Scandinavian artist is dedicated to.

No depression, no occultism is involved, only the need of expressing their talents without showing off at any point. Touching and catchy melodies are swinging over the cold wave, and all sounds like it is very easy for them to create. They are young, fresh and willing to make real good music. You will find their influences in dark wave, cold wave, gothic, post punk and experimental synth music, as well as they don’t hide that they are keen on synth pop.

You may dance to their music, but you can also just lay back and enjoy it. Regarding technical terms, they proceed into the typical Scandinavian sound, clean and precise, so that sound will reach you with … no hard feelings. Sanne de Neige has released ‘Venin’ in March 2015, including 2 tracks, and ‘The Forest Tapes’ in August 2015, a 6 track journey.

Anton de Neige has released ‘Untitled Album’, a 5 track demo in January 2016.

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