Before humans started building with concrete and steel, much earlier before machines reigned, and the steam locomotive was invented. There was a little red fox that wandered through the woods of the Iberian northwest, in a land where its people were known as the Galaicos.

This red fox liked to listen to the melodies of the leaves and the stones, to the songs of the streams and flowers, and she sung and sung and whistled as she wandered through the forests looking for food and adventures.
Until one day she knew so many songs, more songs than any other red fox in those woods and even more songs than the ravens themselves.
Afraid of forgetting those beautiful melodies, she decided to start writing a little book with her favourite songs. The book had a cover of moss and paper of birch bark, and on its pages she wrote and drew.

Many centuries later, renowned folk artists Sangre de Muerdago tried to interpret some of those melodies once lost and found again, that carry in their notes an essence of times long gone, and with that, the Spanish group wants to honour that little red fox.

Sangre De Muerdago is the creation of Pablo C. Ursusson. Acknowledged musician, composer, painter, sculptor, lyricist, free soul and traveller of the deep forests and the seven seas, together with different guests and collaborators that include outstanding and recognized musicians Georg Börner and Erik Heimansberg as main collaborators at the moment.

Recorded last year at the Cold World Temple with Georg “Xurxo” Börner behind the mixing desk, mixed and mastered by Tobias Häussler, this new EP titled ‘Os Segredos Da Raposa Vermella‘ also sees Sangre De Muerdago honouring the traditional melodies from Galicia and Bretagne and listeners will find the melodies of Milladoiro, one of the best folk bands that ever existed throughout these four new tracks.

The little red fox said: “Sing, sing to the Moon, sing to the trees and the stars, for their songs are never gone.”

Pablo C.Ursusson: Classical guitar, hurdy-gurdy, bohdran, percussions.
Georg “Xurxo” Börner: Nyckelharpa, viola, violin, percussions.
Erik Heimansberg: Flute, bouzouki, accordeon on “Ursusson’s Polska”.
Jorge Olson de Abreu: Always inspiration from the otherworld.