The French dark/cold wave band, Saigon Blue Rain, unveiled their brand new video ‘The Unknown’ on 22nd June. The song is out of their latest release ‘Noire Psyché‘ (March 2016), and you have probably noticed our fondness of Saigon Blue Rain here in LDD (reviewing and interviewing the band).

Their video is directed by the band’s photographer Marie-Line Pochet, collaborating with cinematographer Anaïs Novembre who is also acting together with Daniel Armand.

It is a sensual and dark erotic video, that fits geniously with the lyrics.

Hung on my breath, you’re just hung on my breath

You think you know

Down on my knees, I’m just down on my knees

And I moan

Hear what I preach, you just drink what I preach

But you ignore

Mike Dimitriou