Royal Teeth share their newest track “It’s Just The Start” today, following the heart-pounding comeback single “Never Gonna Quit” that “radiates resilience and perseverance” (Atwood Magazine) and featured Ellen DeGeneres’ favorite viral sensation, fellow Louisiana resident Valerie Sassyfrass, in the music video. Now “It’s Just The Start” really kicks things off for Royal Teeth in a way that builds vulnerability into unstoppable confidence.

“”It’s Just The Start” is very personal for me. Last year, I went through a period where I lost confidence in myself. I needed to be reminded that it’s alright to not be alright sometimes. I had to take a moment to remind myself of my value. This song is an expression of those feelings. Creatively, it feels like we’re starting over, but we think it’s the beginning of something special.” – Gary Larsen

Royal teeth are currently on tour with Vinyl Theatre and the two recent singles have left fans rallying for more and thus, the band has promised that fans can expect more touring this year, along with a new album sooner than later.

The forthcoming record will mark Royal Teeth’s long overdue comeback to indie rock, with a progression in their sound that exudes energy and conviction. Taking it back to 2013, their bubbly hit single “Wild” was riding alternative radio waves across the nation and getting tons of clicks with their slow-burning, electrified music video. Now, five years later, things have changed for the band – everyone has situated into lifestyles and careers outside of the music industry. Recently though, a spark of inspiration caused grounds for discussion of a Royal Teeth comeback – and the whole band is on board.

“There were days where I just accepted that this was probably going to be over soon,” Larsen recalls. “Something finally switched inside of me. I decided that if we are going down, then we are going down swinging.” Feeling inspired to create new songs with a new fresh sound, the quartet whole-heartedly decided it was worth banding together for this project.

Royal Teeth is composed of singer and guitarist Gary Larsen, singer Nora Patterson, guitarist Thomas Onebane, and drummer Josh Hefner. For more information visit royalteethmusic.com