From the German word for “savior,” Retter founds itself upon a thematic focus of Giles Corey’s execution. In alignment with Corey’s steadfast silence throughout the accusations of witchcraft held against him during the Salem Witch Trials, the project positions itself as a metaphor for refusing to compromise in the face of certain death.
In personnel, Retter is composed of Danny Katz and Guillermo Pizarro, with Pizarro handling the electronic textures and Katz handling the vocal elements. Both members recorded their respective components of this release at separate times in separate states, with different engineers behind each side of the album’s production for this reason.
Guillermo’s goal in recording for this release was to create dense soundscapes of short length, a stylistic choice that is typically uncharacteristic of dark ambient genres. Katz draws heavy influence in his contribution from that of Gira in his work with Swans and Wrest in his work with Lurker Of Chalice, providing a disturbing vocal track to the oppressively dark soundscapes crafted by Pizarro.
Biographically speaking, Katz is the owner of Dullest Records and Pizarro is newly employed by Noisefarm to create soundtrack textures for film.