The Waterfront – ‘Normandy On The Beach’

The Waterfront were the predecessor for the legendary band we now know as The Stone Roses. The band consisted of Andy Couzens ( Guitar ), Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield ( Bass ), David ‘ Kaiser’ Carty (vocals), John Squire ( Guitar ) and Chris Goodwin ( Drums ). Although the band never gigged they did record 2  tracks in a small studio in Dukinfield, a handful of cassettes were distributed among friends and to local venues.

These recordings have now been lovingly re-mastered from the original ¼ mastertape, courtesy of Andy Couzens for a special Record Store Day release to raise money for The Christie in Manchester. Andy and John later formed The Stone Roses with Mani joining a few years later. Chris ended up in numerous bands before having success with Andy in The High. Kaiser chose a different path and went to serve for Queen and Country.

The rest is HISTORY.

The High – ‘Say It Now’

The High were formed in Manchester in 1989 by Andy Couzens ( ex Stone Rose ), John Matthews, Chris Goodwin and Simon Davies. They signed to London Records after only one gig. Their highly acclaimed debut album ‘Somewhere Soon’ released in 1990 received rave reviews. “ In brief, ‘Somewhere Soon’ is a very effective record, expertly executed and completely addictive, the dogs bollocks. I hope they become massive”. ( 9/10) Jack Barron NME.

Combining 60s influenced Pop with psychedelic guitar, The High had 3 minor UK chart singles before hitting the top 30 with the re-vamped infectious Box Set Go. The band split in 1993 and reformed in 2015 with Tony Meehan replacing Simon Davies and Jack Couzens taking over from Chris Goodwin on drums. Scott Parkinson has since replaced Jack Couzens. ‘Say It Now’ was written in the early nineties after the release of ‘Somewhere Soon’. Although it was a popular live track it was only ever recorded as a demo. This track never appeared on their much sort after second album ‘ Hype’, due to the band thinking it didn’t quite fit .

When The High reformed In 2015, ‘Say It Now’ was back in the live set and re-recorded in 2018, ‘Sugarpuff’ was recorded in 2015.

25 years later The High are back with more expertly crafted guitar chime pop.