The since 90’s acclaimed band Radiohead shared a new video for the unreleased track ‘I Promise’.  The new video is directed by Michal Marczak. The track is one of the three unreleased songs that are included in the reissue of the critically acclaimed ‘Ok Computer‘. The other two unreleased tracks are ‘Lift’ first performed in 1996 and ‘Man Of War’ initially performed in 1995.

Radiohead’s masterpiece ‘Ok Computer‘ is about to be reissued in a 20th anniversary edition on 23rd of June.  The anniversary edition it is called ‘Ok Computer OKNOTOK 1997-2017‘ and will include the original twelve songs, along with eight newly remastered B-sides from the original analogue tapes and the three aforementioned, unreleased tracks and of course a hard cover book full of artwork, lyric sheets and other goodies from the charismatic musician Thom Yorke & co.

Eleftheria Gesou