Yesterday, May 1st, Radiohead gradually vanished from the web; the band’s official site is, at the moment of writing these lines, literally white. At the same time, all Twitter & Facebook postings from the band (including Thom Yorke’s) have been erased, and the profile pics are white at the moment too.
Are we closer than ever to the release of their long awaited ninth album, the successor to the 2011, ‘The King Of Limbs’?  Or is it something else?
Mystery is aggrandized by the fact that the band decided to mail out cryptic leaflets reading, “Sing a song of sixpence that goes/ Burn the Witch/ We know where you live,” with an embossed Radiohead logo, according to Pitchfork.
Let’s hold our breath, and wait…

Christos Doukakis