We’re R. Missing.We want to fight you”! A brave statement by the two New Yorkers, She Missing on bass and vocals, and He Missing on everything else, who released their debut EP ‘Unsummering‘ in the beginning of March. They are  pretty  much a provocateur duo in music and lyrics, that will nail you with their introverted art. Mostly an indie pop band, eager to dark wave realities, blended with the Big Apple’s sophisticated, harsh criticism on life. Listen or read their lyrics, that lead the melodies from that “naive” first contact to the dark reality in human relations, sung by a singer with a warm and “trippy” voice.  Synthesizers all over, arranged mostly on that hypnotic yet groovy mid-tempo style that got my pulses outright! If I could make a picture out of their music it would be that of N.Y.’s undestined dawn.

Unsummering‘ song is what really got my interest in the first place, catchy riff, melancholy on music, that went on through the whole first listening of their EP. Later, as I was looking on their official website (that you should visit), it all started to unveil…they make art with a character, beyond the typical defaults of a pop-rock band, and it made me groove better on ‘Kelly Was A Philistine‘, a song to dance alone, same as ‘Deeper Holes‘. Same attitude in the following ‘Birthright‘ and ‘Mostly Back‘, only that these two songs hide glorious, “joyful” melodies in their choruses, that easily stuck in my mind. And so I reached  the last ‘Mouser‘ song, and the outcome, polished with a few disco-electro hints.

I enjoyed that EP very much man, and I used two songs in my dj sets and for my radio show, but who cares? The suspicious people care, who asked me “what is that tune man?”, and that is R. Missing‘s biggest success so far! So, take a ride in the sunset and listen, it’ll work! Oh, and the louder the better!

Mike Dimitriou