Ohio Players: “It is with great sadness that the Ohio Players have lost on this earth another one of the original members of the band Walter”Junie” Morrison.When I got in the band in 1972 he was my roommate on the road and a brother in law, at one time being married to my wife’s sister.The voice of granny in the funky worm, an incredibly talented individual.
He left the band in 1973 only to hook up with George Clinton and that group called Parliament.
We send our condolences to his family and his friends and fans.”

Diamond OP

Funk is so much poorer with the death of multi-talented musician and producer Walter “Junie” Morrison, of Ohio Players, Parliament & Funkadelic. At the age of 62, Junie served as a charismatic keyboard player initially to Ohio Players and later to Parliament & Funkadelic.

Junie might have been most commercially successful in the 70’s, including his first three exceptional solo albums credited as Junie, but it’s been the last decade that artists like J Dilla, Madlib & Kanye West among many others have sampled his tracks.

 “Idealism is prior to creation. No matter what you say – ‘I did this’ or I’m gonna do that’ – the moment that you actually believe it’s you is when you have trouble. When you’re open to creative forces and The Vibe that is inherent in all men, and realise the immortality of mankind and those that have come before you – only then will you be able to achieve a view comparable to that which is considered to be wise … If you allow yourself to be aware of these things, or beware, then you’ll never run out of stuff. But when you say ‘This is me’ or ‘This is my goal,’ that’s when you’ve stopped.” Morrison told New York Rocker in 1981.

Hey Junie…Burn down the heavens!

Christos Doukakis