The new Puce Mary album, produced for the big label Posh Isolation, really is a spiral of sounds.

A spiral of gloomy, dark noise, introspective that wrap the mind of the listener.

Perhaps this is the album that consecrates the maturity of Puce Mary and that concludes the trilogy produced for Posh Isolation (recall ‘Persona‘ and ‘The Female Form‘, produced with the collaboration Loke Rahbek).

This disk evolves between stories and sounds. The invasive voice accompanies the entire disk with noise lines creating a unique atmosphere. The album consists of 8 songs. 8 stories from the harsh content related to a rich sounding noise, that brings us back to some work of Pan Sonic or of the great Pharmakon. But it is important to emphasize that this work is unique and has been created by Mary Puce.  In each track, you can find unique items and the uniqueness of Puce.

Consider the tracks ‘The Temptation To Exist‘ and ‘Masks are AIDS II‘. In these traces we find both the vein noise of Puce, but also ritualistic approaches all of which are unique to this album.

Let us now focus on another track. ‘No Memory‘, a really introspective track reminiscent of Nurse With Wound, a track where a gentle voice accompanies minimal sounds and kills time. But not only this, the voice also carries a charge which is sensual. A hypnotic voice of a woman is a rare element in the worldwide noise scene. This is one of the finest qualities of Puce Mary that makes it unique, along with the likes of Pharmakon calibre.

The album ends with ‘Slow Agony Of A Dying Orgasm‘ and perhaps it is no coincidence; intrusive frequencies that seem to lead to an explosion. They seem to lead to a point of no return.

Lock yourself in a room, switch off the lights and let yourself be transported by Puce Mary into a unique dark and introspective trip.

Antonio Cristofaro