Happy unintentional outcomes become ‘Confused Miracles‘. The new album from Gaudium is borne of these. The viking of psytrance has been busy tapping into the depths of his sound with new ideas and tools. With analogue approach, tons of external gear and and an ever-expanding studio to guide the process, the tracks on the 5th studio album from Gaudium have all originated from central concepts which have been developed over time, leading to surprising and inventive results presented in 9 new tracks. Getting creative in the studio with artists who not only share the wavelengths about production but are also friends is always a blast, making not only the result but the process itself purely awesome. In the name of living first for the journey, and secondly for the destination, the album features collabs with psytrance masters and good friends Ticon, Animato and Ritmo. The sound of ‘Confused Miracles’ is something fresh, dramatic and fully psychedelic! Always staying true to the essence of psytrance, Gaudium brings us an album where each track has a unique feel of its own – dramatic turnovers, big basslines, driving percussions and a myriad of mind-tingling sounds.

“It’s simple. You’re brain is gonna go nutz and that’s fine!”

Gaudium – Confused Miracles, Released 2019-04-17, Iboga Records, IBOGACD102