Greek choreographer and director Natassa Zouka presents a new creation titled “LIMINAL”, a hybrid of dance and music performance, inspired by the poetry and the haikus written by Hieromonk Symeon. Three virtuous dancers, four vocal performers, and one viola da gamba on stage confabulate with the haikus, in an effort to reveal the essence of life hidden in 17 syllables.

The performance focuses in the means and methods with which written haikus are transformed in movement patterns and form a kinetic vocabulary. Vividly and often humorously, the performers create images that point out the percipience found in nature and life itself. The ultimate goal of the director’s approach is to reveal the concise, stripped and minimal wholeness of the moment, letting the spectator enrich it with their own physical and mental presence. Body and voice coexist on stage, both representing the primordial bearers of the history of the world, narrating the world’s existential wandering with a haiku written in black and white.

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Concept – Choreography – Music Selection – Costumes

Natassa Zouka


Christos Konstantelos


Eleftheria Deko

Wrestling Consultant

Dimitris Psomas

Handmade Paper Creations

Giannis Papadopoulos

Art Objects & Props

Maria Grigoriou

Mask Design & Construction

Martha Foka

Visual Design & Artwork

Eftihia Liapi

Photos – Video

Alekos & Christos Bourelias


Maria Konstantopoulou, Ioanna Iakovidi

Production Design & Executive Producer

Konstantinos Sakkas

Production Assistant

Vera Kitna

Production Management 

Delta Pi