Walk Onto Sun is the musical work of multi-instrumentalist/producer Ben Engebretson from Los Angeles, CA. Formed in 2015, Ben blends genres that include post-industrial electronics with hazy, surrealist dream like soundscapes.

Since an EP cassette release in 2016, Ben performed at the Manufactured in Los Angeles Dark Electronics festival and has played alongside Echo Beds, Cervello Elettronico, Sleep Clinic and other local electronic/post-punk acts. Ben also contributed to a Cure compilation album titled “The Cure in Other Voices” in which his cover of ‘Charlotte Sometimes’ was released in August 2016 by The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records. A year later, Walk Onto Sun returns with the Grow Static EP, mixed and mastered by Jeff Swearengin (Youth Code, The Present Moment).

This EP builds on previous material that dives deeper down the dystopian rabbit hole of our current political state, following a central character that cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not, obeys what he is told to do, only to be left pillaged by the powers that be. In the end, he must discover his own reality in order to establish trust with his consciousness. Look for more live dates from Walk Onto Sun on the West Coast of the U.S, and a LP in the works for 2018.