Welcome to POP MAYHEM; A column ready to test your intransigence on “pop” music. In detail, 8 super addictive tunes unleashing cathy-ness, poppy-ness & attitude. Each track will be followed by its pie chart, but don’t take it too seriously! Just, pump up the volume, and sing-along!!!! 

Gabby Wilson – ‘The End’

Hemes – ‘Breathe’

Dorian Ruiz – ‘Danse Avec Moi’

MELRØSE – ‘Insomnie’

Marina – ‘Sunsets And Rieslings’

Monopoly Loser – ‘ClubKid’

LIZZIE JEAN – ‘Chocolate’

Panaviscope – ‘Take Your Chance’

Christos Doukakis