The avant-garde/freak folk band from Baltimore Animal Collective recently announced the release of their 11th full length album, ‘Tangerine Reef. The 13 new songs will form an audiovisual album. The film is inspired by the coral reefs, an hour long visual set called “Coral Orgy“. Animal Collective collaborated with the media company  Coral Morphologic and their album will see the light of day on August 17th, via Domino.

To complete the announcement of their new upcoming full-length, the band shared the first official audio preview and opening song of the album ‘Hair Cutter‘. This first sample is an evocative folk track, with trampling vocals and noir folk attitude, that makes us anticipate for the rest of the new work.

Tangerine Reef:

01 Hair Cutter
02 Buffalo Tomato
03 Inspector Gadget
04 Buxom
05 Coral Understanding
06 Airpipe (To a New Transition)
07 Jake and Me
08 Coral by Numbers
09 Hip Sponge
10 Coral Realization
11 Lundsten Coral
12 Palythoa
13 Best of Times (Worst of All)

‘Hair Cutter’:

Album Trailer:


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