Formerly operating as Stefan Jós, Persuasion is the new moniker of Montreal based producer Devon Hansen. It follows an earlier split release with his hometown friend Austin Cesear on Opal Tapes and issues through the Japanese Flau/Raum axis.

On this new outing the luscious dubby sound design of earlier works blossoms out across four pieces of restrained, reduced and down right classy house music. Norman Records Anthony Locke writes…

“The luxuriously spacious ‘In The Atrium’ provides light and ventilation – a place where radiant energy refracts and illuminates like polished crystals.
Functionally utilised, heavy-set kicks comprise the throbbing endoskeleton while creaking lock ‘n’ load mechanised rhythms are the polished chrome exoskeleton of the precision-tooled machine funk of ‘Damask Silk’.

The lost in the night, endlessly wandering/searching groove of ‘Quartermass’ is like being submerged in an adrift submarine gone AWOL under the Pacific Ocean, receiving sonar transmissions of deconstructed elements of Manuel Göttsching’s ‘E2-E4’. As the hallucinatory ‘Xaviera’ melts the walls, percussion drips like liquid and distant, spectral, angelic voices flicker in and out of focus like holograms.

Once immersed, the magic of these immaculately conceived, deceptively minimal tracks reveals byzantine detail that’s best consumed/deployed during the small hours for maximum impact on minds and bodies”.