I’ll Be In The Sky’ is the glitzy latest track from L.A. psychedelic outfit Peaking Lights’ upcoming album, ‘The Fifth State Of Consciousness’. Free flowing and sprawling in luxuriousness the 4-minute song reminds us of the Peaking Lights of old while also being something fresh. You can find ‘I’ll Be The Sky’ on their soon to be released fifth studio album – a double LP, 12 songs and nearly 80 minutes long, shifting “through many states from beginning to end, resonating deep, like a drive thru foreign landscapes where you’re glued to the window as everything slowly changes around you” according to a press release.

Check out the latest release and the first single off the album ‘Everytime I See the Light’ below. ‘The Fifth State Of Consciousness’ is out June 16th via Two Flowers Records.

The Fifth State Of Consciousness’ tracklisting:

1. Dreaming Outside
2. Coyote Ghost Melodies
3. Everytime I See the Light
4. I’ll Be In the Sky
5. Love Can Move the Mountains
6. Sweetness Isn’t Far Away
7. Que Du Bon
8. A Phoenix and a Fish
9. Eclipse of the Heart
10. In My Disguise
11. Put Down Your Guns
12. Wild Paradise

Sarah Medeiros