Last week, Nuclear Blast and Paradise Lost announced on their official Facebook page that they are at Orgone Studios, located in the countrside of Woburn, England, and are recording their new album ‘Medusa‘. The producer is once again Jaime Gomez Arellano.

With ‘The Plague Within‘ Paradise Lost came close to their early musical death roots. With no surprise, as the band is known of “changing its skin” from one album to the next, we learn from Greg Mackintosh that: “The new album will be slower, sludgier and more doom filled than ever before. Eight riff laden monster tracks of sheer Northern misery”.

The album’s title ‘Medusa‘ refers to the monster of Greek mythology, a Gorgon with venomous snakes for hair, who with her gaze turned people into stone. Excited yet? Stay on hold for more details about these great news!

Mary Kalaitzidou