Witch house pioneer oOoOO and ambient vintage-pop artist Islamiq Grrrls have combined their superpowers yet again in the form of ‘Smokestacks & Bricks‘, their sophomore collaborative effort, following last year’s ‘Faminine Mystique‘. Their previous LP was the result of a frustration with contemporary artists who are afraid to be truly vulnerable in their art, so what will the zeitgeist of ‘Smokestacks’ be? According to Islamiq Grrrls herself, responding to a YouTube commenter who was ‘expecting witch house’ from the new single: “The ones who expect are doomed to be deceived.

What we can surmise for the moment without fear of deception: Islamiq Grrrls and oOoOO make their own videos, photos, and music “from A to Z” as Asia aka Islamiq Grrrls has put it in the past, so the newly dropped video for ‘Live Free & Die When It’s Cool‘ was entirely directed by the duo. It features both artists frolicking around a woods at night (as one does), and oOoOO singing with barely distorted vocals (I’m as shocked as you are). ‘Smokestacks & Bricks‘ will be available September 20th via Nihjgt Feelings. Stay tuned for tour dates this fall in the US and Europe and check out ‘Live Free & Die When It’s Cool‘ below!

Sarah Medeiros