‘O’zapft is!’

Finally, after six years of hiatus since their last third full length ‘Clinging To A Scheme’, our favourite Swedish cult poppers The Radio Dept. have announced the release of the new album ‘Running Out Of Love’ via Labrador.

After a lengthy and lost legal battle against their aforementioned record label (this is going to be the last one for them), a scraped album and two years of non-stop touring, the band regrouped, tackled apathy and found again the right creative motivations.

Inspired by the current worrying regressive social and political situation in their country and in the rest of the world, the new songs will follow the path of straightforward political stances of their last tracks ‘Death To Fascism’ and ‘Occupied’.

It’s an album about all the things that are moving in the wrong direction. It’s about the impatience that turns into anger, hate and ultimately withdrawal and apathy when love for the world and our existence begins to falter’ say the band in a web statement.

And again ‘Running Out Of Love’ has moulded itself into a rather dystopian album, mainly because it was created in a sense of deep frustration over the reactionary currents which characterize our time.

In these troubled and hopeless days, it’s time the musicians made their critical voice heard again.

Running Out Of Love’ will be out on October 16th.



  1. Sloboda Narodu
  2. Swedish Guns
  3. We Got Game
  4. Thieves Of State
  5. Occupied
  6. This Thing Was Bound To Happen
  7. Can’t Be Guilty
  8. Committed To The Cause
  9. Running Out Of Love
  10. Teach Me To Forget

Fabrizio Lusso