Neoclassical Suite is a column that will present 7 recent, distinctive tracks of the neoclassical-modern classical-contemporary -and beyond!- music field. 

The Players

Christof R Davis

(neoclassical, cinematic)

Christof R Davis is a fresh composer from the UK who creates both film/television music alongside more commercial work. He has an eclectic style which blends elements of minimalism and classical music with electronic synths and samples.

Gianluca Piacenza


Gianluca Piacenza is an italian composer, pianist and sound designer.

After 2 year of private piano lessons when he was 6 years old, he began studying music at his hometown conservatory graduating with full marks in Classical Piano and Composition.

Today he works as music producer at Red Couch Studio, an inspirational space in which analog and digital equipment, acoustic and electronic instruments are equally important to develop a unique sonic signature. Alongside his academic path he attended piano courses and masterclasses with Sergio Fiorentino, Bruno Canino, Michele Marvulli, Alexander Lonquich, François-Joël Thiollier and Konstantin Scherbakov, constantly growing as classical pianist and expanding an already large repertoire ranging from Bach and Scarlatti to Cage, Ligeti, Pärt and many other contemporary composers.

Winner and finalist in national and international competitions, he appears in concerts both as soloist and as chamber music partner. Influenced by both the great tradition of classical music and the electronica/ambient scene, in 2014 began working on his first album “Dream”, an emotional and cinematic work in which he experiments with acoustic piano and live electronics interaction.

His sonic world could be described as a blend of acoustic textures, recorded and processed live in many different ways, and electronic soundscapes, created manipulating natural sounds and programming synthesizers and samplers.

Matthias Gusset


Matthias Gusset composes and interprets neo to post classical piano music. With its fine melodies, soft harmonies and clear structures one can hear a resemblance to minimal music and film score. After releasing his debut album ‘3’ in 2019, Matthias Gusset releases with ‘Almost There’ his first single of his upcoming album ‘Inbetween Bird Songs’.

Karl Hugo


Karl Hugo is a pianist, composer, songwriter and videographer principally known for his solo albums, his work with figure skating champions, as well as his role in the successful international series, Just for Laughs Gags. Karl’s music library is aired in over 100 countries throughout the world on prestigious networks such as ABC, BBC-One, CBC, Disney Channel, Disney Channel Asia, Fox Japan, Telemundo, and TF1.

Raffael Seyfried

(feat Ben Winkler on cello)


Raffael Seyfried’s work takes place on the border between acoustic and electronic material. He explores the dynamic processes and characteristics that are present in both media. By subtly mixing these elements, he creates warm and unusual soundscapes, free from the constraints of a particular genre. His live performances focus on the interaction between piano and modular synthesizer, sounds that change and influence each other. The result of this multifaceted process is a multi-faceted sound world, sometimes planned, sometimes spontaneous and improvised.

Stephen Caulfield

(neoclassical, ambient)

I am a musician and composer that has been making music for a long as I can remember.

My new album, ‘Circuits’ kind of took me by surprise, I wasn’t planning on making it and all of a sudden, there it was. I had been working on music for a number of different projects and when I put them together I realised that they worked well together and formed a cohesive album that I really like. On the album I have continued to explore ambient and piano led composition, but I have also introduced some stronger orchestral elements too which I think provide some nice dynamic range over the course of the 15 tracks.

As well as the music on Circuits, I have made videos for each track on the album using a series photographs of light manipulations I made that I then animated.

In addition to making music, I also love photography and travel and can usually be found editing photos and planning my next visit to Iceland.

Toby Bligh

(modern classical)

British born composer, instrumentalist and producer. Toby has drawn inspiration from his backgound as a touring pianist, guitarist and songwriter. His solo work is a blend of atmospheric elctronica and neo-classical piano and string arrangements. He works out of his project studio in Surrey, UK.

The Music

Christos Doukakis