Neoclassical Suite is a column that will present 7 recent, distinctive tracks of the neoclassical-modern classical-contemporary -and beyond!- music field. 

Note: All Bio/about sections provided/written by the artists.

The Players

Michael Koch


The 4th single by Michael Koch is a spiritual, neoclassical composition created while dealing with dying and being born. An accomplished piano performance!

“Michael Koch is a pianist, composer and producer from Germany.

He loves to create music that moves us into our stories, dreams and our consciousness that finds its way directly into our hearts.

He has been playing the piano since he was 8 years old and in his first band when he was 13. Since then he started composing and writing music. He played in many bands with styles such as new jazz, hip-hop, pop and rock.

After studying music, he worked in studios as a musician, composer, sound engineer and producer for other artists, bands, commercials, radio and television stations.

Gradually the desire grew in him to create something new and to go back on stage himself.

So he returned to his roots two years ago, the piano, and composes for it again and plays it with a lot of joy.” (Michael Koch)

Mark Sutton

(neoclassical, solo piano)

‘Heart Strings’ is an appealing, solo piano composition by British composer & musician Mark Sutton. Sweet!

“Mark Sutton is a composer and musician who creates background and theme music with a reflective and nostalgic appeal from his studio in Dorset. His masterful approach to digital orchestration gifts him the ability to compose to brief or to picture. For his non-commissioned work, Mark doesn’t set out with a mission to create a particular piece; instead, he arrives at his pieces, guided by his fingers and directed by his soul.

Since an early age, Mark has been a master of his piano and takes inspiration from an eclectic mix of modern and classical composers and artists, from Chopin to Coldplay, there’s something there for Mark to source from.

Mark’s work combines orchestrated and pure piano tunes, it’s the perfect ’study’ music, and guides the mind, body and soul towards feelings of contentment and peace during the times you wish to relax and unwind.

His 2016 album Quest of The Spirit, offers up 12 tracks of discovery, tracks that chart the evolution of the soul’s journey, an internal voyage everyone takes. Every note, every rise and fall in the music, maps out the way ahead as the sounds escort you on your quest to the very heart of your soul.

Mark Sutton’s music takes listeners on a journey, directed by a man who has masterful control over music and a deep, innate understanding of the human condition. (Mark Sutton )

Chris Wolfe

(composed by Udo Mechels)

(neoclassical, cinematic, ambient)

Chris Wolfe recently gifted us with a great piano performance of a composition by ambient pianist Udo Mechels, composed during one of the lockdowns…. We may all relate to this one!

“Chicago-born Chris Wolfe has been passionate about the piano since childhood. His love for old instruments has been the basis of his travels in more than 80 countries. Chris finds love in Amsterdam, where he looks through the window of his small home studio at the ever-changing world. Wolfe likes to translate the impressions, emotions and stories by sliding his fingers over his piano.”(Chris Wolfe)

Fintan Alexander Oag

(crossover classical, new age)

Life’s hardships inspired Melbourne based composer Fintan Alexander Oag for this alluring composition with addictive piano and strings!

“Fintan Alexander Oag is a Melbourne based composer. After finishing his Bachelor’s of Music in 2017, Fintan was faced with the beginners conundrum of not having worked for anyone when everyone’s asking for your work. Instead of piling up the rejections, he figured would start rescoring other people’s work and quickly discovered he would rather write his own narratives to put music to. His sound varies with the tone of the story but takes inspiration from Bon Iver, Ludavico Einaudi, Jacob Collier, Peter Bence and Trent Reznor. His most notable work so far was his score for the short film “Hugs?” which received the award for best animation at the JMC Martini awards and was shortlisted at the 2017 Melbourne International Animation Festival. For him, the most important thing is honesty. ” (Fintan Alexander Oag)

Melomatic Orchestra

(neoclassical, jazz)

‘Buoyancy’ is a graceful mix of jazz & neoclassical, inspired by Chopin, by the Finnish quintet Melomatic Orchestra…

“Melomatic Orchestra was fouded in 2014 by Rickard Slotte who also composes the music for the quintet.

Personnel: Rickard Slotte – Trumpet & Flugelhorn Jonas Rintala – Tenor saxophone Patrick Wingren – Piano Johnny Åman – Double bass Erik Lillkung – Drums” (Melomatic Orchestra)

Alessandro Ligi

(neoclassical, solo piano)

A brilliant, minimalist neoclassical piece for piano solo by Italian, Rome-based pianist & composer Alessandro Ligi… Dream on!

“Alessandro Ligi is an Italian born pianist and composer residing in Rome. His compositions are inspired by the new classical style of Ludovico Einaudi, Philip Glass and Max Richter. His works have been featured on playlists such as New Classical, Soundtrack and Music for Concentration. His songs have over 1,2M streams on Spotify. Under contract to the music label Believe since 2021. Some of his tracks have been part of the documentary “Abbattiamoli” ‘s soundtrack edited by Massimo Giletti and aired on the 10th of June 2021 on the Italian channel LA 7.” (Alessandro Ligi)

Paul Terry

(cinematic, soundtrack, modern classical)

A dark, imposing cinematic piano theme, taken from Paul Terry’s “Hidden Valley Place” Original Soundtrack, will give you the chills!

“Paul Terry is a music artist, producer, and bestselling author. He releases music via his independent label SkyBabyRecords.

As a composer, Paul’s scores include: forthcoming thriller Hidden Valley Place (score mixed by two-time Grammy Award winner Sam Okell); Sidney & Friends, the 13-time award-winning feature documentary (including a Best Score nomination at the 2019 IMAs), which he also executive produced; drama Emily (starring Felicity Jones and Christopher Eccleston); and the award-winning chiller Care. To date, Paul has composed and produced more than thirty albums.

​Under his solo moniker of Cellarscape, his six albums include Exo Echo, and the Independent Music Award-nominated The Act Of Letting Go. This features ‘The Same Place,’ a duet with Anneke van Giersbergen (Vuur, Devin Townsend, The Gathering), and ‘Epinephrine’—its music video (written/directed by Paul) was officially selected for SXSW. He is also the lead vocalist in side-project The Iko Alliance.

As an author, Paul has written or co-written numerous official books on film and television, including: Marvel Studios, The X-Files, Bad Robot’s LOST and Fringe, John Carpenter’s Big Trouble In Little China, and many more.

He has also produced and edited 80+ podcast episodes. These include the official podcasts for: History’s TV series Project Blue Book; USA’s sci-fi drama Colony; SYFY’s comic-book podcast docu-series, Behind the Panel; and the hit limited series, Through the Looking Glass: A LOST Retrospective (co-hosted by Tara Bennett & Maureen Ryan).

Paul lives in Los Angeles.” (Paul Terry)

The Music

Christos Doukakis