Josh Schott, the man behind Mystic Wolf, has spent most of his life in the landscape of northwest Montana. The mountains, forests and fields inspired his voyage of cleansing. However, as the title mentions, ‘Healing is a Journey‘ and so, Josh is currently living as a nomad in Latin America. In the Andes of Chile, he started making deep spiritual music based on electronica with ethnic folk touches. Let’s take our backpacks and embark with him on a healing trip through the power of music.

The EP starts with ‘Atonement‘ a mixture of tribal percussion, eerie vocals and oriental / Indian sounds (saz and sitar). As the music progresses your heartbeat slows down and your astral projection sets off. The journey begins. ‘Cycle of Healing‘, the longest track of this EP, continues the path of spiritualism. Soothing strings and flutes alongside with acoustic guitar create a mystic pallet of sounds. Remember the poem of Kavafis? It’s the journey to Ithaca that matters, not the destination, and you are, now, midway. If you listen carefully you might listen to the sirens calling to you. But you are strong. They can’t stop you. We hail from the earth. And to earth we return after our trip. ‘Somos De La Tierra‘ is my favorite song in this album. It might be this sense of completeness and euphoria I get when I listen to it. The spirit reunites with the body, the heart pounds a bit faster; the journey of healing is almost complete. You are ready to face the world again. This voyage has given you experience. You pumped energy from the earth and sky. You are stronger; a new person. ‘Rebirth‘ is the outro to this adventure. You are ready to step into the next one.

Ermis Kanakakis